These Orreries are no longer being sold as a kit. A slightly modified version which has upgraded gearing that slows the rotation of the Planets around the Sun is now available. I am now assembling these by hand to ensure proper gluing and functionality.  They are available for purchase from Etsy.com here. Please feel free to get in touch via this site or Etsy.



The original mini3 orrery kit

An orrery is a three dimensional mechanical model of how celestial bodies orbit the Sun in our solar system. They are often only found in observatories or science museums. The mini3 orrery kit is a contemporary wood, brass and acrylic orrery which displays the rotation of Mercury, Venus and the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. The idea for this orrery kit began during the process of trying to teach my son about our solar system. I wanted something that would explain the concept of our planets revolving around the Sun with the benefit of being a hands on educational project that we could do together. After many hours of design, research and prototyping the mini3 orrery kit was born. If you would like to own one of these unique kits please visit our store.

Why is it called an orrery?    Named after Charles Boyle, Earl of Orrery (1676–1731), for whom it was first made .


 The Classic is back

We are happy to announce that our shipment of stone planets has arrived. This means the classic orrery kit is now available again. The classic kit includes a beautiful set of semi precious polished stone spheres. Each set contains Calcite (Sun), Tiger Iron (Mercury), Picture Jasper (Venus), Sodalite (Earth), White Howlite (The Moon). If you already own an original orrery kit this set makes a great addition. All stones have been pre drilled so they can be easily added and can now be purchased from the store. We also have a special offer for those who already own an Original orrery kit and would like to purchase the Planet set. For further details about this offer please contact us through the Contact page.


orrery kit planet-set







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